Ocean Tumblers Gymnastics Association



Welcome to Ocean Tumblers Gymnastics Association!

Ocean Tumblers Gymnastics Association (OTGA) is a non-profit organization started by parents of OT Team members in 1998.  It is a fundraising organization run solely by parent volunteers, and is separate from Ocean Tumblers Gymnastics Schools, Inc. (OT), which is owned and operated by Diane Berry.  Even though OTGA and OT are separate organizations, the two work very closely together.  OTGA’s mission is to promote the growth and development of OT Team athletes by supporting activities related to gymnastics training and competition. 


- Are you a member of OTGA?  Print out your membership form today and return it to the gym with payment OR fill out our electronic form and pay your membership online today to benefit from all OTGA has to offer.   
-  Looking to be involved but do not know what to do?  We are still in need of  volunteers for Corporate Sponsorship Committee, Grant Committee, and Spirit Committee.  No experience needed!  Contact OTGA today.
-  Are you a fan of Facebook?  OTGA has launched their Facebook Page.  Check it out!

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